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Borga (Storm Warning in Marsfjällen )


Saxnäs, Västerbotten, Sápmi

Drawing, charcoal, pastel, pencil, chalk, oil. 

There’s something about nature in the period from November to February that’s enticing. The colour scale is restrained. It has a graphical beauty. I go out into nature. Without pen, paper or camera. I study my surroundings. I go into my studio. Sometimes I draw in the dark, sometimes in the daylight. It all depends.

Landscape painting is so problematical. It’s so pretty. Even I create pretty landscape pictures, although I’m trying to do the opposite. The landscape embodies my history. Who was here before me? What did she think? What did that pine tree look like when it was small? These landscape drawings also communicate some of the emotions that race biology awakens inside me. Sorrow, anxiety, anger. And the ambivalence that I feel when facing the landscape: so beautiful, but it bears witness to a painful history.

Fotograf: Polly Yassin 

Teckning av ett fjällandskap i kol,  pastell, blyerts.
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